Meet the Team


Fearless Leader

Origin Story: Born and raised in Connecticut, USA but moved to Australia six years ago as a backpacker and made it her home.

Travel Expert Qualifications: Has been all over Australia, New Zealand, Asia and the United States!

Fun Fact: Has traveled the east coast of Australia SIX different times!



Social Media and Marketing Extraordinaire

Origin story: Left Wisconsin, USA to travel in 2015 and hasn't stopped since!

Travel Expert Qualifications: Has traveled east coast of Australia, Tasmania, bits of Asia and bits of Europe.

Fun Fact: Is currently living in Ireland on yet another working holiday.





Sales Guru


Origin story: Grew up in Los Angeles with a background in managing cinemas and producing events.


Travel Expert Qualifications: Moved to Australia on a working holiday and is currently traveling all of our New Zealand tours!


Fun Fact: Knows everything there is to know about traveling New Zealand!